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Rent a UTV

Who says that big boys shouldn’t play anymore? At Northern Power Sports LLC, we think that even grownup men have the right to have fun. This is why we have amazing offers and we invite you over to choose and rent a UTV. If you have experience with this recreational vehicle, most probably you love the challenge of discovering and trying new trails. This is the perfect off the road toy for men who want to escape the daily stress. We want to help you blow off some steam so you can go back to your daily life and responsibilities full of new energy. 

If you wish to rent a UTV, there is no need to spend all your savings. With Northern Power Sports LLC, you get to enjoy high-quality UTVs for cheap prices. If you get bored of one vehicle, next time you can rent a different mark. This gives you the chance to enjoy different expensive UTVs without having to actually buy them. Are you already on your way to our office in Crivitz, WI? You can find us there or in one of the nearby areas like Florence, Lakewood, Wabeno, Rhinelander, Townsend, Crandon, Antigo, or Laona.


We already prepared a large collection of UTV vehicles for you to choose from. If you have no idea what to pick, our staff will gladly help you with some suggestions. You will feel like a kid in a toy store all over again. All our recreational vehicles are in good condition, but if it happens to have a problem, we can replace it right away. Your fun time will not be interrupted. What are you still doing indoors? Come out and play with a fun UTV! If you are in Crivitz, WI or nearby, allow the child in you to enjoy the ride of his life.